I was in the artist’s alley, selling my artwork (ceramics and sketch commissions)

Things happened, as many know, but I did not attend any panels. When I wasn’t in the artist’s alley I was in the hotel, either my room, the pool or the fitness center. So…

It was knowingly, the original person in charge of AA (I believe her name was Amber) told me on Thursday night that the door would be unlocked at 5 am on Friday. I assumed that meant there would be someone there letting people who got in way early to set up or something (it was my first con so I just kinda went with the flow though now that piece of information seems weird)…I sure as hell wasn’t going to be in there at that time…I wanted to sleep in.

After that I was told that Saturday and Sunday that no one would be there to let us in until 8 am.  

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I just read the posts by misslucid and peanutbummer and I am pissed.

I had no idea that the Artist Alley room was left unlocked even though we were assured that it would be locked until 8 am.

I hope all of the other artists find out about this too. We are all really lucky that none of our stuff went missing.

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Last day of #dashcon. Come get some bows…and other stuff too, but mostly bows! #artistalley #geekilicious #supernatural #superwholock

Last day of #dashcon. Come get some bows…and other stuff too, but mostly bows! #artistalley #geekilicious #supernatural #superwholock

Since everyone else in the dashcon tag

thinks they can tell people how to spend their money…I’m going to jump on that bandwagon and say you should come visit me at TABLE 7 in the artist alley today from 9-8 and buy all of the things!

The stupidity in the dashcon tag right now coming from people who aren’t even here makes me glad that they all stayed home.

Seriously, if you dont know what you’re talking about…don’t talk about it.

The hotel staff acknowledged there was a problem they were trying to resolve and lawyers were present. Get your facts straight.

I’m sending a big hug to the whole dashcon staff. You guys handled it with grace.

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Everyone at DashCon right now:


I came out to have a good time this weekend and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now.

I finally deem this meme appropriate.

Spread the word. Never EVER EVER try to hold an event at the Schaumburg Renaissance.

They’re basically holding the rest of dashcon ransom for 17,000 bucks.

Now kids and adults who’ve already spent a ton to get here are trying to pull more money together to keep it going.


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Everyone at dashcon is adorable and so nice.

I want to make friends with you all and do all the things, but I’m tired and socially awkward.

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Come see me at table 7! #dashcon

Come see me at table 7! #dashcon

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Wow. Looking at everyone else’s setup, work and stock makes me realize that I am soooo unprepared.

It’s my first time ever selling at a con so I guess this will be a learning experience.

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