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Okay so I LOVE the umbrellas Usagi and Mako-chan use in the opening and Act 5 of Sailor Moon Crystal so I made these designs and found a place to get them printed so if any one is interested I’m taking preorders. I want to send the first order out by 9/21 so if you are interested, please order before that date. 

Place your orders here:



PLEASE NOTE: These are just mock ups. The actual umbrellas will be the folding kind that fit in a bag and won’t have hook handles. I can do hook handle umbrellas but it is going to cost a lot more. 

Oh my gosh these are getting so much attention and I’ve gotten so many orders! Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad you like them <3

I had the stock set wrong on the Usagi umbrella…it is definitely not sold out and if you try to order it now it should work. 

I’m in Moonie Heaven {{DIY Jupiter Inspired Nail and Mako-Chan Onigiri}}


There is so much Sailor Moon in the world right now and it’s a beautiful time to be alive you guys. 

Last night VIZ Media hosted the Moonlight Slumber Party to celebrate the new dub of the original series (the first four episodes can be found HERE) which gave Moonies all over the chance to watch the show and live tweet about it together. I never in a million years would have believed I would be able to do that in my life. When I was a kid, Sailor Moon was a show I would watch before and after school then write some fan fiction about because none of my friends liked it (they actually made fun of me for liking it) so to be able to relive my favorite series with a bunch of other people who were just as excited as me was so great. 

And then this morning? Makoto “I will kick your ass and then bake my friends a cake” Kino made the scene in Sailor Moon Crystal and she has always been and will always be my favorite.


Here are some examples: 

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So many Sailor Moon/Makoto Kino feels today. 


Act 5 was perfect. 

Eat some onigiri. It’s good…I promise. 

"Flower Hurricane!"

Let’s talk about how Jupiter killed it her first time out. 

Everyone else go home. Jupiter wins for most beautiful and simultaneously badass warrior. 


usagi’s game is too strong

My heart. Everything about the lunch scene was too perfect. 

Please stop being so in love with all of your friends, Usagi…it’s killing me. 

Look at Mako’s face. ugh.

Does anyone have an extra ticket to NJ Con and some extra room in their hotel? I’m a small person, I can sleep on a floor.

I totally forgot about it and I want to go so badly. 

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Signed up for Stitch Rock and PalmCon in Florida…but then I got a real job. 

SO much money spent, but can’t ask for 7 days off at new job. They’re going to think I’m nuts.

What do you do?